You need to have your own OTT account.
Because OTT accounts cannot be used for commercial purposes, we would not be able to provide access to any OTT accounts. We provide streaming source for you to easily log into your account and start watching.

You could watch any movie or series as as per Indian laws.

Customers must not stream any content which is illegal/prohibited as per Indian laws.

We will not be liable for any consequences that arise out of violation of this condition and we will not allow such customers to book with us again.

Minors i.e. below 18 years are not allowed to book the theater.

Legal guardians can book the theater and bring their minor ward(s) along with them.

1. Partial Refund of the booking amount will be given if the booking is cancelled at least 3 days before the booked date.

2. Appropriate refund will be provided if the show is interrupted due to technical issue. Reimbursement is paid after deducting the rent for the period of time before interruption.

Customers will be liable to pay in case of any damage to any object in the theater including the walls, lights, seating, etc.

Yes, a nominal fee needs to be paid for cleaning and disposal of waste.

Alcohol, Cigarette smoking and tobacco products are not allowed inside premises.